Learning New Tricks

Old trick…staying up way too late to pursue this crazy craft. New trick…online writing course. Today, (that is yesterday to all of you on this side of the international date line…or is that tomorrow?) I started the first steps in an online writing course given by Margie Lawson through WritersOnlineClasses.com (http://www.writersonlineclasses.com/), the brainchild of Mary O’Gara and Diana Rowe. It is a two week course on incorporating body language and non-verbal cues into the behaviors of your characters. Facinating Freudian figures of speech.

The course starts with an exercise in BAD writing….converting exquisite prose into common, cliched drivel….something I have a natural gift for.

But bad writing can make for believable dialogue. We all speak in shorthand and cultural slang, even the eggheads in the biotech labs. Capturing that and, more importantly putting the right language in the right mouth is key to pleasing readers.

More importantly, I suspect that conveying the DELIVERY of those words with believable descriptions of body language is as important as the unspoken language of gesture, vocal timbre, and posture. That’s why I signed up for the course.

Stay tuned (tilts his head up and purses his lips, a deep breath and then a drop of the shoulders…).We shall see where this leads us.

Written today: One hour. Rewrote the end of a short chapter that ends with a disaster for my protagonist. They really do know his name. 

Somehow crammed that into a busy call day and a complicated life.

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One Response to Learning New Tricks

  1. steveag says:

    Thank you Marilu,
    Hope it gets you connected with Margie. A personal crisis prevented me from getting very far with the class (Margie, a psychologist understood completely!)…it is intense and demanding but from what I saw coming from other writers and her responses, very rewarding.
    Are you a writer or reader? If the latter, I promise I am making headway with the books!
    Take care.

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