Greetings friends, fellow writers and future readers!

Welcome to my new home page. This will eventually be the platform for my writing, beginning with my series of novels listed above.

Soon, I will be posting articles from Writing My Own Story, a weblog on the Write on the River website ( under the pen name Steven Daniel. It is a work in progress, so I will announce on this page when it is published. 

The blog will document my struggle to reinvent myself as a fiction writer and (hopefully) publish my first novel in the next year or two. When complete, my website Steven Daniel Stories will direct you to this blog, as well as a separate blog for readers that will discuss the content and background of my current and coming novels.

I hope you are game for an interesting ride. I know the odds…have heard it all at the writer’s conferences that I have attended, but no good protagonist worth his ink traverses the arc of his story without the requisite disasters.

For my friends who may recognize it, the photo above is one I took of the bridge across Rocky Ford Creek in central Washington. The path is cold, yet inviting and the solitude reflects the hours at the keyboard trying to find the right words. For me, writing is a journey across the terrain of my own soul.

Having said that, I welcome your comments, advice, shared insights and miseries: show me a protagonist that travels alone, and I will show you a story that ends in tragedy.

Thank you for your company!

Steve D

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3 Responses to Greetings friends, fellow writers and future readers!

  1. Peggy Thatcher says:

    Your journey will be amazing and successful! Perhaps more than “reinventing yourself” as a fiction writer — you’re weaving decades of “Steven’s Stories” scientific, psychological, and relationship dynamics that have been in your head, heart and pen — into a novel(s) that inspire …
    You are on your way. Go guy!

  2. Loretta says:

    So excited for you as you begin this phase of your journey. Of course, this phase is a compilation of your life’s journey so far and a fulfillment of your dreams. So happy for you. Congrats.

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